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RM 881.00
RM 649.00
Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher
FPJM30LB (23m²)
  • Plasmacluster can suppress mold, viruses, allergens, odors
  • Air Purifying HEPA filter captures 99.97% pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke
  • Capture and protect from mosquitoes with 100% harmless 5 effective steps of mosquito catcher
  • Timer function
  • Sharp original airflow at 20° angle
Specification (-)
Color B (black)
Recommended area - Air Purifying 23m²
Recommended area for high-density Plasmacluster ions 16m²
Voltage/frequency (V, Hz) 220 - 240, 50/60
Power input (W) (Max/Med/Low) - Without Humidifying 53 / 32 / 19
Standby Power (W) 0.7
Airflow (Max/Med/Low) (m³/hour) - Without Humidifying 180 / 120 / 78
Noise Level (Max/Med/Low) (dB) - Without Humidifying 44 /36 /27
Filter Type - Dust Collection HEPA
Filter Type - Pre-filter Yes
Filter Life - Dust Collection Up to 2 years
Mosquito trap function Yes
Dimension (WxHxD) mm 438 x 444 x 253
Net Weight (kg) 4.7
Replacement filter - HEPA filter FZ-F30HFE
Replacement glue sheet FZ-STS2M
Plasmacluster ion purification - Airborne microbes Airborne mold, Airborne microbes, Airborne viruses, Dust mite remain allergens, Dust mite faces allergens, Ammona odor
Plasmacluster ion purification - Clinging odors Cigarette odor, Body odor
Filter purification - Capture & reduction of growth Airborne microbes, Viruses, Tree pollen, Dust mite remains, Dust mite faces
Filter purification - Deodorizing Cigarette odor, Pet odor, Body odor, Mold odor, Ammonia odor, Cooking odor, Kitchen garbage odor, Toilet odor, VOC
Filter purification - Capture Airborne mold, Plant pollen, Tree pollen, Pet dander, Pet hair, Dust, Cigarette smoke, Mite dust, Diesel exhaust

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